Sammy Experiences God

Sammy Experiences God: An Experiencing God at Home Storybook (Hardcover)

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Sammy Experiences God: An Experiencing God at Home Storybook (Hardcover)

Author: Tom Blackaby and Rick Osborne

Publisher: Broadman & Holman
ISBN (10): 1433679809
ISBN (13): 9781433679803
BMI Stock Number: BMI0274

Sammy Experiences God is a classically illustrated children's book inspired by the Experiencing God teachings of Henry Blackaby. It will help kids begin to understand that God is not far off or hiding from them, and that they can experience his love and involvement in their lives as they follow him.

One evening when little Sammy announces after his bedtime prayers that he is going to look for God, his parents soon enough understand that the boy literally means what he said. When events like a night of camping under the stars and a hike up a small mountain don't bring Sammy what he's looking for, mom and dad try to explain that God is everywhere. But discouragement and a lack of understanding follow.

One day Grandpa Henry figures out what everyone else is missing. Sammy wants to have an encounter with God like the ones he has read about in the Bible -- like Abraham under the stars and Moses at the burning bush after climbing a mountain. Like Jacob, like Elijah, like the disciples.

Grandpa tells Sammy of another Sammy from the Bible (Samuel at age 12), reaching the child with a simple explanation of how we can all experience God's love, wisdom, and help right in the middle of everyday life.