Audio Book

Audio Book Files:

The audiobook files are in mp3 format and come in a zipped folder. You can find instructions for downloading, extracting and listening to them on your device below.

Windows PC & Mac OS

1. If you are using a Windows PC, double click on the zip file, click "Extract All", and tell the PC where to create the folder.

2. If you’re using OS X, all you have to do is double-click the zip file. The files will be extracted to the same folder as the zip file.

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod

1. If you use iTunes for accessing content on Apple mobile devices, audiobooks can be downloaded and unzipped on the main desktop or laptop and moved via “drag and drop” into the corresponding iTunes Library section, where they can be synced with your Apple mobile devices. This will work only for files compatible with Apple apps installed on the iPad, iPhone or iPod, including the iTunes Music Player (for MP3 audiobooks, which can be drag/dropped into Music and are seen as albums in iTunes).

2. If you do not use iTunes on a desktop or laptop computer to sync with your Apple mobile device, and wish to directly download Zip files and access their contents on your Apple mobile device, then you will need to find an app that does this.

Android Tablet or Phone

1. If you are using an Anroid device, downloaded the zip file, then go to the “downloads” folder, where it can be extracted, accessed, moved etc. If your Android device is not set up for downloading zip files and accessing their contents, you will need to find an app.

2. MP3 files can be accessed by many different apps, including several free apps.