God, Heroes, and Everyday Dragons - Teen Bible Study Book with Video Access (Paperback)

God, Heroes, and Everyday Dragons - Teen Bible Study Book with Video Access (Paperback)

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God, Heroes, and Everyday Dragons - Teen Bible Study Book with Video Access (Paperback)

Authors: Mike Blackaby & Daniel Blackaby

Publisher: Lifeway Christian Resources
ISBN(13): 9781087786308
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The story of your life is unfolding right before you. Some days you might feel like a background extra, and other days, the main character. Ultimately, your life is part of a bigger story—the story that God has been telling since the beginning of time. Yes, your life is part of the same story that includes Moses, David, Mary, and Paul. And God wants to take you on an adventure that only He could dream up.

In this 8-part personal Bible study, authors Mike and Daniel Blackaby explore how you can embark on your own faith journey.  Your role is to trust Him and follow where He leads. The journey is long and, in some places, scary. But He is with you. The only question that remains is: Will you join Him? Adventure awaits. Now is the time. Let’s see what God has in store for you! 


  • 8-Part biblically-rooted and gospel-centered student Bible Study
  • Designed for group or individual use
  • Access to ten free teaching videos featuring authors Mike and Daniel Blackaby as they teach students how to explore, discover, and act on God’s Word, approximately two minutes in length
  • A unique storyboard activity that guides students to illustrate their own faith journey
  • Extra features for students who want to go deeper in their study
  • Leader helps in the back of the book to guide questions and discussion with small groups
  • Personal study segments in the Bible study book to complete between group sessions
  • Promotional video and other free leader resources available at lifeway.com/godheroesdragons

This book will guide students to…

  • Explore what the Bible says about the story they are in.
  • Discover what biblical truth means for their lives.
  • Act on what God is showing them through prayer and Scripture.
  • Live out the story God has for them.
  • Grow in the discipline of daily Bible study.
  • Experience personal spiritual growth through individual time spent in Bible study.

*Additional use of the video teaching sessions is recommended for the best experience of this Bible study book.

MIKE BLACKABY is a pastor and church planter who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. He holds a PhD in Apologetics and has co-authored several books with his brother Daniel. He loves fantasy novels, playing music, and anything lemon flavored. Mike and his wife, Sarah, have four kids, four chickens, and one dog.

DANIEL BLACKABY is a lifelong lover of stories (particularly if dragons are involved) and is the author of multiple books, including several works of imaginative fiction. Driven by a love of movies and stories, he launched The Collision (thecollision.org), a multi-media ministry aimed at helping Christians navigate, engage, and contribute to pop culture. He holds a PhD in Christianity and the Arts from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and currently lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Sarah, their twin boys, a scruffy dog named Bilbo, and way too many books.


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