Encountering God Study Bible: Insights from Blackaby Ministries on Living Our Faith (Genuine Leather)

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Contributors: Blackaby Family & New King James Version
Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN (10):  0785280367 / 0785280375
ISBN (13):  9780785280361 / 9780785280378
BMI Stock Number: BMI0163A (Black Leather, Non-Indexed), BMI0163B (Black Leather, Indexed),

The Encountering God Study Bible guides you to experience dramatic, life-changing "God encounters" daily, alongside wisdom and insights from the entire Blackaby family.

Encounter God through the Scriptures as you are guided by the wisdom and experience of the Blackaby family.

The deepest need of every human heart is to encounter God. To meet with God, to be changed by Him, and to become more like Him as a result. For decades, the Blackaby family has dedicated their ministry to helping believers address this deepest need. Now you can learn from their insights to experience deeper encounters with God as you develop a regular routine of Bible reading and study in the Encountering God Study Bible.

The Encountering God Study Bible is the crowning work of the Blackabys. Featuring their trusted approach to Bible study, explanatory notes, word studies, biblical character sketches, historical encounters with lives of exemplary faith, articles highlighting the creative nature of God, and other articles defending the faith, you will be encouraged to see that you can encounter God in His Word—and that He wants to encounter you through it.

Features include:                                                                   

  • Presentation page allows you to personalize this special gift by recording a memory or note
  • Encounter Notes highlighting how God might choose to encounter you in His Word
  • Articles highlighting the creative nature of God by Daniel Blackaby
  • Articles defending the lasting truths of the faith by Mike Blackaby
  • Rich explanatory notes explaining ideas, events, people, and places in the text to make the meaning clear
  • Word studies, character studies, and biographical sketches of church history figures all written by members of the Blackaby family
    • Word studies shed light on key terms and important meaning from the original Greek and Hebrew
    • Character profiles give overviews of key men and women in the Bible
    • Biographical sketches give examples of people who faithfully encountered and followed God in their life
  • Book introductions setting the scene for each biblical book and its importance for encountering God
  • Timeline of the biblical narrative for a better understanding of how historical and biblical events fit throughout history
  • A succinct harmony of the Gospels details the life and ministry of Jesus in chronological order showing where each event and teaching occur in the Gospels
  • Chart of the prophecies fulfilled by Jesus as Messiah provides Old Testament prophecies and where they have been fulfilled in the New Testament
  • Reading plans guiding you through the entire Bible in a year
  • Center-column reference set allow you to find related passages quickly and easily
  • Full NKJV concordance provides an alphabetical listing of important passages by key words
  • Words of Christ in red quickly identify verses spoken by Jesus
  • Index to easily find word studies, character studies, historical encounters, apologetic, and aesthetic articles
  • Ribbon markers make it easy to navigate and keep track of where you were reading
  • Clear and readable NKJV Comfort Print® in a 9-point print size