Experiencing God as Couples - Member Book

Experiencing God as Couples - Member Book (Paperback)

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Experiencing God as Couples – Member Book (Paperback)

Authors: Henry T. Blackaby & Marilynn Blackaby
Publisher: Blackaby Ministries International
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Experiencing God as Couples - Workbook provides the personal learning experience for this Bible study that has influenced thousands of lives, resulting in saved marriages, spouses coming to Jesus, rededication, couples volunteering for missions, and enriched marriages. Henry and Marilynn Blackaby lead married couples to experience God's presence in a way that will last a lifetime. Each session begins with a 30-minute video presentation, followed by a discussion and activity time for the remainder of the hour. (8 sessions)

Topics include:

  • God at Work in Your Marriage
  • God’s Love Relationship with You and Your Spouse
  • God Invites You as a Couple to Become Involved in His Work
  • God’s Ways of Speaking to You as a Couple
  • Experiencing a Crisis of Belief for Your Marriage
  • Adjusting to God’s Will for Your Marriage
  • Allowing God to Work Through Your Marriage
  • Committing to a Covenant Marriage



  • Video viewing guide and study materials for follow-up and enrichment
  • Discussion questions based on the material in DVDs
  • Personal study section for individual progress
  • Practical activities for couples to discuss and complete together


Study requires both a book and the DVDs