Experiencing God Documentary

Experiencing God Documentary - DVD

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Experiencing God Documentary - DVD

Publisher: Lifeway Church Resources
ISBN (10): 143003064X
ISBN (13): 9781430030645
BMI Stock Number: BMI0276

Experiencing God Documentary - DVD explores stories of how the study has impacted lives. Experiencing God has helped thousands of people see the world through a different lens. They have begun to see it how God sees it, they have uncovered God's will for their lives and then done it. This film will take you on a journey as you watch someone else experiencing many of the realities found in this movement of God. It will explore many stories that have been uncovered showing how God has placed Experiencing God in hands of international leaders, prisoners, and Christ followers who have been awakened to see the world how God see's the world.


  • Documentary based on the stories around the Experiencing God movement
  • DVD Extras including bonus footage

For home use only. Not to be used for public screening.