Putting God to Work

Putting God to Work: Living God's Principles @ Work (Paperback)

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Putting God to Work: Living God's Principles @ Work (Paperback)

Author: Scott MacLellan

ISBN-13: 978-1-61291-150-2

A successful entrepreneur and corporate executive had always assumed that if he wanted to serve God he’d need to leave the business world and get involved in full-time ministry. So he put God on hold until retirement.

That is, until he clearly sensed God speaking this message to his heart: What makes you think I am somehow separate from your work? The revelation launched him on a quest to honor God where he is… in the marketplace, right now.

Putting God To Work is his story, presented as the 10 pivotal lessons he has learned during the journey. These principles are somewhat counterintuitive, definitely countercultural, and unapologetically biblical… and they work. He admits that he’s learned most of them the hard way – and that the learning process continues with each new day. Through his candid stories, business savvy, and sincere heart for God, you will be inspired and enable to stay true to God on the job and to live your faith in the workplace.

So you don’t need to park your faith at the door when you go to work. God means business. Discover the true success that comes from living and working as he wants you to live.