The Family God Uses - Workbook

The Family God Uses - Workbook (Paperback)

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The Family God Uses - Workbook (Paperback)

Authors: Tom Blackaby & Kim Blackaby
Publisher: Blackaby Ministries International
BMI Stock Number: BMI0251

Study shows parents how to discover where God is at work around their family and to learn how to join Him in that work. Functions as practical field manual for families looking to pray, grow, and serve together. Includes ideas for family prayer time and devotions, how to identify and use teachable moments, how to demonstrate dependence on God, and where to find ministry opportunities in the community. Use this resource to get and keep your family God-centered and teach your children their role in His kingdom.

Topics include:

  • God’s Design for Families
  • God Used Families to Build the Church
  • The Church as God’s Family
  • Living Out Our Faith at Home
  • God Uses Children
  • Seeing From God’s Perspective