The Painter's Portal

The Painter's Portal (The Gallowood Files) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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The Painter's Portal (The Gallowood Files) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

Author: Daniel Blackaby
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN (10): 1548649694
ISBN (13): 978-1548649692
BMI Stock Number: BMI0298

The house at the end of Hallow’s Drive was haunted. Every kid in Gallowood knew so. Even the bravest children are smart enough to keep their distance from the ancient, abandoned building. But when circumstances force the three Cavanaugh siblings to trespass, they quickly learn the reasons for its horrifying reputation. They will also make a terrifying discovery that may cost them their lives: the house at the end of Hallow’s Drive is not abandoned– and its sinister inhabitant is not very pleased to have been disturbed.


Grandson of Experiencing God author, Henry Blackaby, and son of speaker and author, Richard Blackaby, Daniel Blackaby is the emerging voice in the Blackaby publishing tradition. Daniel's greatest passion is exploring the magical world of language. As a child, when not crafting elaborate fantasy tales, he could be found with his nose buried in a great book. Now, with a young writing career that includes successful non-fiction: When Worlds Collide (B&H Pub.), he returns to his first love of imaginative fiction with his debut trilogy: The Lost City Chronicles (Elevate Fiction). He currently resides in Georgia with his beautiful wife Sarah and twin boys, Logan and Emerson.