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The Ways of God (ebook)

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The Ways of God (ebook)

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Authors: Henry T. Blackaby & Roy Edgemon
Publisher: B & H Publishing Group
ISBN (10): 0805454756
ISBN (13): 9780805454758
BMI Stock Number: BMI5043

Have you ever wondered how God is at work in this world? How is God accomplishing His purposes and revealing His will to His people, ever molding them into the holy people He wants them to be? In this newest book from Dr. Henry Blackaby, the ways of God are explored so that Christians might share a glimpse of understanding of things too great for the mind to hold. Dr. Blackaby discusses how the ways of God reflect His nature and glory, how they are different from the ways of man, and are constant and consistent with His word. The ways of God are to bring His children into holiness in order to enter into a relationship with them. Eternal and mysterious are the ways of God.