What's So Spiritual about Your Gifts?

What's So Spiritual about Your Gifts? (Hardback)

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What's So Spiritual about Your Gifts? (Hardback)

Authors: Henry T. Blackaby & Mel Blackaby
Publisher: Multnomah Publishers
ISBN (10): 159052344X
ISBN (13): 9781590523445
BMI Stock Number: BMI0005

The Old Testament is our ""kindergarten"" for understanding the pattern of the Holy Spirit's gifting and work. That pattern is this: God gives an assignment to a person; then the Holy Spirit is given to equip him or her for the assignment. The proof of the Spirit's presence is that the person is able to complete the assignment effectively through the supernatural enabling of the Holy Spirit. Truly understood and embraced, the Holy Spirit's gifts allow the Church to be Christ-centered, to maintain unity and oneness of heart, and to practice genuine, powerful love.


Surprises are in store when we explore biblically what spiritual gifts really are, how they fit with our natural strengths and talents, and how they match our calling and assignments from God. This book will help restore the Holy Spirit to the center of your understanding and practice of spiritual gifts, and set you free to serve God as never before.